For years I considered hostels as cheap places where you have to share your room with lots of people, low hygiene and not enough space. However, while touring around Europe for the past 2 months I collaborated with Nomads Hostels in 4 different cities and I got a completely new view on hostels. 

First I’d have to explain myself better though: I discovered that there is a new type of hostels growing rapidly all around the world which differentiates itself from the typical ‘backpacker’ hostels that we all know. They are stylish, clean, have an amazing service, reasonable prices, good food, and lots of private rooms. I wouldn’t call it a hotel but it’s not a typical hostel either… It’s a Nomads Hostel.

The thing I loved about these places is that they have some serious relaxed vibes with their beautiful public areas and lounge facilities. Everything is designed with the city as its inspiration, which gives every location a unique look.

So why do I think that Nomads Hostels are going to be the next big thing? The answer is simple: they have the best of both worlds. The luxury and style of a hotel with the prices and the vibes of a hostel. NomadsHostel is just an example for this phenomenon since I experienced it firsthand, but boutique hostels are starting to pop up everywhere!